E-visa or an electronic visa is a type of visa that you can apply for using a country's official site or the authorized portals. It is an alternative to conventional visas, with a major difference lying in the application process. You will need to complete the application process online. Once you get the approval, you will be delivered a document through an email which is your eVisa.


The Benefits of an eVisa

The best thing about getting an eVisa is that you get to save more time with it. You don’t have to go to embassies time and again. Also, you don’t have to wait for the authorities for multiple days to process your application.

Here are some significant eVisa benefits.

Simplified Procedure

As the whole visa process takes place online, the logistics are streamlined and simplified. There are no on-the-spot appointments where the government inputs the data manually in the systems and scans the documents given by the applicant.

Also, as the approval is granted, the system eliminates the requirement for printing the visa sticker and then returning the document to the visa holder. The World Bank suggests that over six months in 2014, the embassies in Moldova alone saved around 14% of their working time through introducing eVisas.

Minimum Financial and Time Waste

For the government and the applicants alike, money and time get wasted on frustrating and clumsy systems that are paper-based. A traveler who applies for a visa needs to fill out the required paperwork and then send it back either through mail or take it physically to the local embassy or the consulate of the destination state.

The bureaucratic body will then be processing the request of the applicant as soon as possible. With the help of an eVisa, the requests get submitted through a secure application portal accessible at all times, allowing the applicants to avoid the tiring bureaucratic procedures. In many countries, getting a visa on time is not an easy thing to achieve because of the faulty system, so eVisa can help fix this issue.

Increase in Revenue

There is also a potential increase in revenue through the help of more jobs, more visits, and more fees. Legislation usually allows collecting extra fees for processing for different eVisas. It can be up to 20 percent above the charge for a conventional one which covers the costs for the maintenance and the operation of the management and the portal system.

What's more, introducing a more convenient application process for visas can stimulate both business and tourist travel.

More Reliability than Conventional Visas

An eVisa is also reliable as the host of the site is directly transferring your documents to the visa authorities of your destination state. You will have to have all the needed information, and that's all. Your data will reach the concerned authorities with no risk of any kind of vandalization.

The Process Of Getting eVisa

1. In usual cases, a person is required to provide their basic details, photos, and address details of self. However, it might change depending on the location.

2. As the application is fully completed, it is then sent for review for approval to the appropriate authorities.

3. The easiest payment method for the non-immigrant visa fee application online is a debit card. When you are on the payment screen, you are able to make the payment utilizing the debit card.

4. After you have paid the fee for the visa application, you can print the receipt for the records to proceed with the payment.

5. The approved document is sent to the visa applicant through an email.

As you can see, through this simple and straightforward process, you are easily able to bypass the embassy visits or the immigration appointments that take a whole lot of your time and energy. Just complete the eVisa application process from home, and you are good to go.