The eVisa for Myanmar is an online visa introduced by the Government of Burma – the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in 2014. The online visa is made available for citizens of eligible countries for visiting Myanmar for different purposes, tourism being the main purpose.

The eVisa for Myanmar allows an individual to stay in the region for a period of 28 days and valid for three months from the issue date. Eligible citizens must fill a simple Myanmar eVisa online form for application with passport details and personal information.

The Myanmar eVisa eliminates the need to have an appointment with an Immigration Officer, and the applicant receives the visa document through an email attached as a pdf file.

Myanmar eVisa Types

Following are the types of Myanmar eVisa:

Tourist eVisa

If you need to travel to Myanmar for tourism purposes, you may apply for an eVisa for tourism. It is a single entry visa and involves sightseeing, leisure, and regular vacations along with meeting friends and family. The Myanmar tourist eVisa allows people to stay for the duration of 28 days and is valid to be used in 90 days.

However, those people who overstay might undergo consequences. To avoid overstaying a visa, it is recommended you plan your travel to keep your stay in the country within the visa's validity period.

Business eVisa

Started in 2015, this is a visa for people who need to travel to Myanmar for business purposes.

Like tourist eVisa, Myanmar business eVisa is also a single entry visa with 90 days of validity, allowing the applicant to stay for 28 days in the territory of Myanmar. The process for application is quite simple, which enables the applicants to apply for the visa without the need to visit a consulate or an embassy.

Social Visa

The social visa for Myanmar is accessible to the former residents of the country. It might be extended to the family members like spouses or children. The visa is actually a single entry visa and is issued with a validity of 70 days.

For applying for a Myanmar social visa or a kind of social visa extension, it will be important to go to an embassy or consulate in your country. Those people who need a social visa extension might visit a consulate or an embassy for further information.

Myanmar eVisa Application Requirements

In order to apply for the Myanmar visa online, the applicants need to have the following:

a) Passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the arrival date to the country. It must also have at least two pages blank so it can be stamped upon entry.

b) A recent passport photograph of the individual that meets the Myanmar eVisa requirements of the photo.

c) In-use email address for receiving the approved eVisa for Myanmar.

d) Debit or credit card for paying the Myanmar evisa fee.

e) Applicants also need to give details regarding their accommodation in the area.

Upon arriving at the entry points of the border, it is important to present these supporting files:

a) A printed copy of the Myanmar eVisa letter of approval.

b) Confirmation for the hotel reservation.

c) Evidence of enough funds to support the stay in the country.

d) Evidence of tickets for a return or an onward journey.

It is advised that eVisa holders keep a printed copy beside them at all times during their stay in the country.

Myanmar eVisa Process

First of all, travelers need to fill the application form for Myanmar eVisa online, which means you will be required to fill in your personal information. It is important that the information you give matches the information given on the passport. You will need to enter the required information manually as well as scanning the information page given on the passport.

You will also have the opportunity to confirm all the information prior to submitting it. It is vital that you go over it carefully as you will not be able to alter any information once you submit your Myanmar eVisa application. Not to forget, the application fees are not refundable, which means you will have to pay twice if you submit an application with mistakes.

The Myanmar eVisa prices are charged in USD, and the regular tourist visa is priced at about 50 USD plus 30 USD for processing. The regular tourist visa is processed in a span of four business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get a letter of approval to visit Myanmar?

Yes, you need to have a letter of approval or Myanmar eVisa with you as you enter the border. You will need to have a printed copy of that document as the original is not necessary. Moreover, you will also need evidence of confirmation for the hotel reservation, funds and return tickets.

What is the validity of eVisas for Myanmar?

The eVisa for Myanmar allows an individual to stay in the region for a period of 28 days, and the visa is valid for three months from the issue date.

What is the application process for getting eVisa for Myanmar?

Travelers from most nations can apply for Myanmar eVisa, which is fully online and does not require an appointment with an official. When an application is submitted, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reviews the application. When it gets approved, the applicant receives the document through an email attachment as a file.

How much time will it take for the Myanmar eVisa to get processed?

The Myanmar eVisa time for processing is 24 hours. But in some cases, the approval letter for eVisa for Myanmar may take up to three business days.

How will I get my eVisa for Myanmar?

As the application gets approved and processed, the applicant will get an email with the approved eVisa letter for the country. The individuals are required to have at least one printed copy of the eVisa for Myanmar to show to the border officials upon arrival.

Can I have the visa printed in black and white?

Yes. It is permissible to print the visa document without any color as long as the details are legible and the barcode is clearly visible. Immigration will scan the barcode and review the details.