Are you planning to visit the world-famous tourist destination of Mexico? The country attracts tourists due to its sunny beaches, ancient historical ruins, cultural festivals, dynamic cities, and most importantly because of its mouthwatering cuisine.

Obviously, you will need a Visa to enter Mexico. However, according to the immigration laws of Mexico, nationals of specific countries can travel the land without acquiring a visa if they are planning to stay for up to 180 days.

But the citizens of such countries will need a Mexico Tourist card along with their passport to visit Mexico and have the best time of their life.

Mexico Arrivals

What Is A Mexico Tourist Card?

Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM) is commonly known as Mexico Tourist Card. It is issued by Mexico's Instituto Nacional dé Migración (INM) for all the tourists willing to visit the amazing country of Mexico. The tourist card is a must requirement for all foreigners, even the nationals of visa-exempted countries.

This document state the number of days the foreigner is allowed to reside in Mexico simply as a tourist and is not allowed to work. Moreover, the stamped FMM is valid for land travels throughout Mexico.

Cost Of Tourist Card: As of January 2020, Mexico Tourist Cards cost 575 pesos per person (approx. the U.S $30), permitting you to stay for 180 days in Mexico.

It Used To Be Handed Out By The Airlines But Not Anymore

So, how to get a Mexico Tourist Card to make your trip to Mexico a swift one?

However, most airlines have stopped offering Mexico Tourist Cards.

Travelers prefer going the easy way, so they turn towards the better alternative of obtaining Tourist cards through online services. You just need to fill the online application form, submit a valid passport along with your airplane ticket, make the payment, and you will get the Tourist Card via email.

But do remember, the online Mexican Tourist Card will need to be stamped by an immigration officer upon your arrival in Mexico. Without this stamp, your card remains invalid.

Note: In case your Tourist Card is expired, or you misplaced it during your travels, you will be charged a fine while leaving Mexico.

Is A Mexico Tourist Card Visa?

Although a Visa and Tourist Card may sound the same, they are two entirely different things. Mexico Tourist Visa falls under the permanent category visa and is issued by the Mexican embassy for nationals of all the countries. This means that the citizens of visa-required countries will need both a tourist visa and a Mexican tourist card.

On the contrary, the citizens of visa-exempted countries will only need a Tourist Card along with a passport. They don’t need a Mexican tourist visa to enter the country.

A New Card Will Be Needed On Each Visit

A Mexican Tourists Card is a must-get requirement every time you visit Mexico. It is because when leaving the country, you have to submit the card at the immigration office.

Extending the Mexican Tourists Card is not possible under any circumstances. If you wish for your stay in Mexico to extend, you will have to leave the country and revisit it, as the Mexico tourist card only allows you a stay of 180 days.

Everyone Needs It

With all your official documents ready, including your tourist visa, passport, and your ticket, you are all set to take off to Mexico and stay there for as long as you wish. But do you have the Mexican Tourist Card along with you?

Tourist Card is a mandatory document for all tourists wishing to visit the beautiful land of Mexico. Even if you are a citizen of a country exempted from having a Mexican Visa, you will still need a Tourist Card to travel to and around Mexico.