Ancient temples, tombs of the Pharaohs, and a destination filled with thrilling adventures, Egypt will surely dazzle you with its rich culture filled with history.

There was a time when long queues at the Egyptian embassy used to tire people. But by introducing the electronic visa or Egypt eVisa, the Egyptian government has made things simpler for all the tourists planning to explore the historical land of Egypt. By obtaining an Egypt tourist visa using the online visa service, you can avoid all that hassle of going to an embassy.

But, What Is The Egypt eVISA?

The Egypt eVISA is an electronic form of tourist visa that permits tourists to travel through Egypt. It is a digital travel authorization that you can only obtain online.

You must apply for the Egypt eVISA at least 6 days before your travel, fill in the application form, pay via Pay Pal, and receive your tourist visa directly through email. The eVISA is available in two forms: