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Time of the Year : November to April

Length : 6 Days / 5 Nights

Departure Time : 09:00 am.

Requirements : No especial requirement.

No Include : Sleeping Bags are not include

Includes: - Round-Trip Transportation

  • Comunications

  • All Meals and Snack on the Kayaks

  • Insurance

  • Expert Guide (English – Spanish)

  • Personal Support

  • Equipment

  • Fully Equipped single and double kayaks

  • Paddles and Accessories

  • Camping Equipment

  • Tent

  • Cooking Utensils

  • Support Boat

  • One Night on the Hospedaje Llancahué

Need to Bring: Passport, money, ticket, Emergency medications, day bag, light weights rainwear and

windbreak for paddling, and bathing suit, or short wet suit for paddling, shoes and socks,

sandals, sun hat, shirt, pants, short, synthetic underwear (capilene) top and bottom, sleeping

bag, toll knife, sun block, toilet kit biodegradable, small flash light and batteries, sun glasses.





Day 1:


We depart early in the morning, leaving your hotel; we ride by coach south on the Southern Highway to our destination the village of Hornopirén and from here we continue to the end of the road arriving in about four hours, we set up our kayaks. Our boat will be waiting for us, to accompany and provide support and comfort throughout our journey. This is the northern entrance of the Pumalin Project. After eating lunch we will paddle towards a beautiful fjord called Quintupeo (about 3 hours paddling). Here we camp with a view of glaciers in one direction and four miles of fjord in the other


Day 2:


We will breakfast early in the morning. Leaving Quintupeu with the change of the tide we shall make better time paddling back out of the Quintupeu fjord. This day will be our longest paddling day in which we shall cover about 20 miles. Today we reach the waters of the Cahuelmo fjord and a soothing hot springs will be our reward. Local people had carved many rustic tubs in rock at the water’s edge years ago.  Each one is a different size and all have very hot water, easily regulated by simple and natural methods to attain the temperature desired for an extremely pleasant bath.  These baths are part of the Project Pumalin and thus have more comfortable camping facilities and bathrooms. We proceed to prepare our campsite in order to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in this incredible place, with a beautiful sunset, and have a relaxing night at the hot springs.


Day 3:


We will have early breakfast. Those who wish to enjoy the hot springs at sunrise must wake up very early in the morning. Today we shall to enjoy all the possibilities that the area offers to us, starting by the hot springs, salmon fishing, recollection of shellfish during the low tide and paddling the sea kayaks. Low tide is the perfect moment to start the hike to Lake Abascal just if the trail os open it could be close or out of maintanance, please ask if this is your goal of this day so we can program something different.

In case we can get to Abascal  you have to hike approximately 7miles from camp. Nestle between tremendous spires of the Andes. We shall enjoy dramatic scenery on this hike, and star making our way back to base camp in the afternoon to arrive for dinner, and after long day, a relaxing soak in the springs.

Day 4:


Breakfast early in the morning today we leave the Cahuelmo hot springs (high tide) and paddle towards the Comau fjord, observering some flora and fauna all along the way: dolphins, cormorants, penguins, sea lions. After about four hours paddling we shall have lunch on our bout, and then continue towards Porcelana, a rather special creek of natural hot water emerging from the temperate rain forest  This particular spot does not belong to the Pumalin project Here we will set up camp enjoying dinner on the boat.  Afterward we shall hike a very short path where the creek is located, enjoying the most extraordinary nature hot baths and then return to base camp.


Day 5:

Breakfast on the boat, today we shall leave Porcelana on a day-trip to the Vodudahue valley where ancient peoples sought the mythic “Cesar’s” city. We make our way to the river of the same name and navigate up stream. Here we shall have some lunch and then take the afternoon to do some hiking in this marvelous landscape, returning for dinner and sleeping at the Porcelana hot springs.


Day 6:

We all have breakfast early in the morning. Returning to the boat we navigate back to Comau and toward the village of Hornopirén, and then we drive back to Pto Varas end of the trip. Here we finish our service.





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