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Cahuelmo Hot Spring

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Cahuelmo ranger´s


Since all ready 8 years we ask Pumalin Park the possibility to manage Cahuelmo for seen the possibility for over tourism it happened before with other natural hot spring and could happened here one more time.

Cahuelmo hots prings is a place where probably it was an Indian Chono settlement , this Indian were the first canoeist people who live in this fjords and use this places one in a while, they had all: Fresh water, natural hot water , shelter and a lot of sea food that probably eat in here, the place is what we call a Conchal ( Sediment from different sea food Shel´s ).

Also you have the possibility to do fishing in the same fjord for Robalos or you could fish in a river near by for Truth and if you continue you could fish in a lake call Abascal just 7 klm up stream, in general this place is a magical place a power place , where time do not exist and you can feel nature in his most pristine stage as it was Thousan of year ego.


Any way we have the concession of the hot spring call Cahuelmo and every year we ask universities to help us with Practicantes and this is the way how we had been protecting Cahuelmo to keep this place like we found it and so far we had been successful